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The Hibernian Zetetic

The Hibernian Zetetic is the online news source, resource centre and general hub for the Grand Zetetic Lodge of Hibernia and its affiliated lodges. Here you’ll find news about the Flat Earth Society, information about the various lodges and their activities, as well as essays, information and links pertaining to Flat Earth Theory and the Zetetic Method.


The Flat Earth Society

The Flat Earth Society is an organisation dedicated to promoting and initiating discussion of Flat Earth Theory, and to the preservation and promotion of literature related to the idea of a flat Earth. The Society is led by its President, Daniel Shenton, who resurrected it in 2004 following the death in 2001 of the previous President, Charles K. Johnson. The Society officially reopened to new members on the 30th of October, 2009.

For news and information about the Flat Earth Society, visit You can also follow @FlatEarthToday on Twitter, the official Twitter feed of the Flat Earth Society. It is run by Michael N. Wilmore, Vice President of the Flat Earth Society and Grand Master of the Grand Zetetic Lodge of Hibernia. You can also follow our President, Daniel Shenton, @Danielshenton, or join our Facebook group.

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